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Whatsapp on your iPad: Whatsapp messenger is a very popular app actively used by over a billion people already. The application allows the users to send text and audio messages to a group of friends and family besides sending them to the individuals. It is an incredibly user friendly and thus, a popular platform to share audios, videos and texts over Wi-Fi or mobile data services.

This means the user also gets free of heavy phone bills since the service is free of cost, apart from a nominal amount that the user has to pay if they exceed their data usage limit. Another reason for the popularity of the app is the fact that it is compatible with both android phones and iPhone but Whatsapp for iPad and iPod Touch is currently not available.


Even though there is no official Whatsapp messenger that is available for iPad and iPod Touch, there are several alternatives that the user can still use to chat with his loved ones on the iPad. A popular way of doing so is by using the Whatsapp web on the iPad. The Whatsapp web gets connected to the Whatsapp account of the user on his android phone or the iPhone and all the text messages, audios and videos gets forwarded on the iPad allowing the user to operate Whatsapp from the iPad itself.

Installing Whatsapp on an iPad using the Whatsapp web:

There are two ways of installing Whatsapp for iPad using the Whatsapp web:

Using safari

Using an unofficial app on the App store

Follow these steps if you are looking to access the Whatsapp using safari:


Open safari on the iPad and type web.whatsapp.com in the search bar. Once the page is loaded, you will notice the home page of Whatsapp and not the interface of Whatsapp web.


You need to tap on the URL and access the top drawer of the favorite menu by swiping down. You need to tap on the option that now appears before you and says ‘load desktop site’.


The page will now reload and display the interface of Whatsapp web with a QR code that helps to pair with the iPhone.


On you iPhone, go to settings and then Whatsapp web and scan the QR code. This will help you to pair the devices (iPhone and iPad) together.


The page will reload again, this time it will show all the recent text messages, videos or the audios that have been received by the user.

Limitations of the setup:

While the method is quite effective, there are a few limitations to using this setup too:

  • When the service is used on a Mac or PC, the notifications are supported but it is not the same for iOS. The user does not receive any notifications of the incoming messages as the web browsers are not supported on iOS.
  • The user cannot send the voice messages since the browser does not support Whatsapp officially. However, they can still listen to them.

Apart from the above limitations and a few bugs, the service is quite user friendly, easy to use and a great choice for Whatsapp users.

Whatsapp on An iPad Using the Whatsapp Web Alternatives:

There have been several users who have complained about the quality issues when talking about the Whatsapp for iPad using the Whatsapp web via safari. The problem is obvious since the service was never designed keeping in mind the iPad users or the Safari browser.

Once the developers realized that the customers are always looking for a way to get Whatsapp on the iPad, there have been a release of several apps in the App store of the iPad post that. Most of these are disappointing as well and do not yield a great experience to the user. The swiping is not too sharp or there are no push notifications and if there are any, they do not work properly!

Whatsapp for iPad

Among the several alternatives, there is one app that has proved a point - the ‘Messenger+ for Whatsapp’. It is a brain work of Ryan Peggs, a 20 year old medical student and is a Whatsapp web app that can be used by all the touch screen devices. According to its developer, the Messenger+ will provide smooth scrolling, real-time notifications and user interfaces that are keyboard responsive, making it ideal for even those who use keyboards with the devices. The app does not do anything that is against the guidelines of Apple or might have side effects such as draining the battery of the device on which it is used. The app uses background continuation and app refresh to get the messages from the servers of Whatsapp just like any other good app does.

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